File size import increased after cut & paste...?

i have a chair I have downloaded from supplier. in dwg format. I check the file size and it is 10mb approx.
I then copy and paste into my office scene… now when I check file size using python script it says it is no 61mb?

any ideas? feww screen shots

so if you look at this screen shot you will see at the top the file size is 9279kb . so why is the script showing 58mb ? using FindLargestObject .py script

not sure but might be mesh settings

set to jagged and faster

no custom mesh settings

ok just done a small text and i think the script might be at fault… copied one of the chairs and total file size went up by 6mb , not 60mb!

really confused now…! I copied the table and chairs a few times and file size has gone from 230mb to 540! i did this in rhino 6 too to check… what an earth is going on… I have no idea…so script is NOT at fault…

You may want to zip up all necessary files, then upload at and copy the link to this discussion into the comments section. Someone at tech support can then look at it. Without files it is always hard to just guess.