File showing on Rhino window menu on Mac but does not open


Even though I saved the file in question (230606_Nikolas Flat [41]) it won’t open and I cannot locate it anywhere on my Mac. I would really appreciate some direction as to how to find and recover that file as it has a lot of work and notes that I desperately need.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help me solve this.

That little icon with the checkmark next to it indicates the file is currently open on your computer.

If you want to see where it’s saved at, click on the file title at the top of the window.



oh wait, you want the one with [41] in the name?

Have you tried using Finder’s search feature?

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for getting back! That’s right - the one with [41] in the name has the latest info! I tried using finder but cannot locate it… I’m new to Mac and don’t really know how to look for potentially unsaved files or to recover files in general. In this case I am completely lost as I can look at the file there but when I try to open it nothing happens…

Any other pointers? Many thanks again :pray: