I have a problem opening my Rhino File

Every time I try to open it this window pops up

Anyone know how can I fix thisÞ

if you open a blank file and try to import it does that help?

if not, does the rescue3dmfile command yield any results?

No that does not seem to work for me…

can you give a little background on the file? did you make it? what happened to it before this error occurred? Do you have an older copy you can recover from versions? (please tell me you have time machine turned on)

What happened is that I moved the file to hard drive and then deleted it from my computer but then when I brought it back into the computer I can’t open it and this window always comes up.
Yes I do have time machine turned on but don’t know how to recover it from there.

Hi Breki.

When you plug in your hard drive, don’t use time machine, browse the files on the drive. You can locate it by using seach “.3Dm” and then all the .3dm files on the drive will appear.
If this still does not work, back up your computer and restore your Mac to a previous version of your Os using time machine. Then when you open the file, save it on a stick. Then restore your mac from most recent back-up.