File saved on Dropbox and shared between 2 computers


I use Dropbox to work on the same files on my Win 7 desktop computer and on my Win 10 home computer.

From time to time, by opening my file on one or the other, some of my layers are activated when they should not be … It is painful because I have to deactivate them to find the status of my recording on the other machine.

Is there a solution?

This is not going to work correctly.
DropBox and similar tools monitor a local folder and copy files to a Cloud resource, and the files are updated to the local folder on the other computer.
It only “appears” that you are looking at the same file location.
You are not.
When Rhino opens a file it creates an rhl file (Rhino lock) in the local folder. This lock file does not propagate to the other computer so it appears the file is not in use when it truly is.

The short answer is a DropBox folder does not operate like a shared folder on a Local Area Network.

Work locally, and treat the DropBox folder like a USB Jump drive.
Copy the file to DropBox, then copy it back to the local system to work on it.

Thanks John for the explanation.
The rhl file is well copied from one computer to another via dropbox, but it is therefore possible that the second computer does not take the file correctly into account if I understand correctly.

Many thanks John !