Read-Only File not registered if on dropbox

Hi if I open a file on our shared dropbox twice then I get this warning (as expected):

But if my colleague doesn’t get that warning if he opens that same file even though I have it open and have had for a long time. Why is that? And are there anything that can be done to prevent us from working on and saving the same file at the same time?

One of the main reason this is a problem is that we are used to Rhino warning us, which is a great feature when working on the server.

I have the same problem on our university servers here… sometimes I get warned, sometimes I don’t… Typically I program a CAM file on my workstation, save it on the network and then forget to close it; then I go into the back CNC room and open the file there on the computer next to the machine… Sometimes it tells me the same file is already in use on the other machine, sometimes it doesn’t… --Mitch