Export to dxf bug?

When I try to do “Export as” and first select a .3dm file (because I want to name it the same but with dxf extension), then change to a dxf extension, I get a warning saying it already exists. So it seems like it still wants to save as a .3dm file instead of a dxf.

Of course I can just retype the filename I want to use but was just wondering if this problem is known?

Hi siemen - I remember this bug turning up some time ago and I thought it was fixed… or just went away - I cannot make it happen right now - what service release of Rhino are you using? (Help > About Rhinoceros). I’ll keep poking to see if I can reproduce this.



Is it this?

Version 5 SR11 64-bit
(5.11.50226.17195, 02/26/2015)

Hi Pascal,

This happens with a .DWG file as well. Best way to reproduce it is save the file as a .3DM file then go back and try to save it as a .DWG/.DXF. Prior to saving it as a .DWG/.DXF click on an existing .3DM file as if that is what you want to name the soon to be created .DWG/.DXF file. After you pick is change the file type to .DWG/.DXF and press save… a warning message will pop up asking if you want to overwrite the .3DM file


Hi siemen - you are one version behind… I don’t know if that makes the difference here, but you might as well get SR 12.



Hi Andrew - thanks, yeah… it just ain’t doing that for me at the moment.


Oh dear, I’m so 2015.

Downloading now.

Hi Pascal,

I tried it again after installing the latest version and it doesn’t fix it.

OK- thanks- I was not very optimistic… I’ll see if I can track it down - if I can make it happen reliably, that will be 90% of the battle.



I remember having this issue in the past. I’m using:
Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015)

I did get this error as well.

Step 1: Export, and select a 3dm file to use as name:

Step 2: Select DWG from drop down and click save:

Hope this somehow helps.