"File IO Error"

I keep getting this error when trying to save files:

Sometimes if I wait long enough I’m able to save the file; sometimes the only thing that works is saving as a new file.

Any idea what might be problem?

Running Rhino 5 on Windows 10 Bootcamp, everything up to date.

Hi jk - is that folder tracked and backed up by some automated system?

Yes as a matter of fact it is! Google Backup and Sync.

I work in a remote office where we have access to the main office’s server via VPN, and I also have this problem sometimes when working on a file directly on the remote server.

Hi jk - my guess then that what is happening is that if the save takes place while there’s a file sync going on, the files are ‘in use’ temporarily and you get this warning. If you can persuade the backup and sync system to ignore 3dmbak files, that might do it. What happens during a save is that in order to save the 3dmbak file, the previous saved file needs to be renamed to 3dmbak, and the new file written to the correct name.


Got it – thanks for the explanation.