Plethora of Errors after update

I am working on a file that is having three issues:

A) Randomly I cannot save my file.
I am getting a ‘file IO’ error when trying to save.
The these error messages:

B) There are errors when I export to illustrator where illustrator will not open the file.
note*** I fixed this issue when I changed everything to a new layer and exported, but then of course I had to redo all of my layering which is not choice

C) The clipping plane slows the viewport drastically, but I have already addressed that in this forum and it has not been resolved.

NOTE: I consistently have to export my model data to new files to mitigate these issues which are not choice. I am about to do that right now.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated. None of these issues seemed to happen before I updated to the new Rhino. My file size is roughly 318 mb.


Hi Erik - when this (saving/permissions problem) happens, can you save to the desktop OK?


I have yet to try that. Will do. Thanks for the input.