Wish: Copy paste curvesegment

Hi guys,
@dale (I don’t know who I should tag here, so I try you Dale :wink: )
I often need the ability to subselect one or more curvesegments, but Rhino doesn’t support that.
It just says that one subselected curve is ignored.

Can this be added?

Copy(clipboard)/Paste has never worked with subobjects, but the normal Rhino Copy (InPlace) does.

Thanks Mitch, I’ll try to remember that, but still it would be great if Copy-Paste worked.
Do you know why they are ignored?

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Probably because subobjects do not have object ids and thus do not exist independently… I assume many native Rhino commands have been modified to accept sub-objects, I suppose Copy(clipboard) could be modified to automatically sort of add an object to the document to get its definition and an ID, then copy it to the clipboard and then undo or delete the object…

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i wished it worked on all sub select objects.

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Hi Jorgen - Copy/Paste actually creates a Rhino file - it is not just the object that goes to the clipboard. I guess it needs top level Rhino Objects to do that. The mechanism for duplicating first is probably possible - my completely under-informed guess - but unlikely to get much traction soon.


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Ok, that makes sense from a programmers point of view!
(But that doesn’t always correspond with a users logic though :wink: )

As always: Thanks!!!

Well, it might be a good thing to get your ‘muscle memory’ in the habit of using a different way of copying in place - for example @Brenda 's suggestion of setting Ctrl+D for ‘Duplicate’ with the following macro:

! %_Copy _Pause _InPlace _SelNone _SelLast

For heavy objects, it will also be much faster.


Thank you, for the mention @Helvetosaur. I’ve noticed key combination in a few other programs.