Few questions about Cycles

In this case i’d like to try it out even if it isn’t done :slight_smile: btw. i think im not the only one here :wink:

@nathanletwory i found this https://github.com/mcneel/GhShaderNodes/releases but i can’t find cycles xml in rhino is there any source where i can find it?

Cycles XML is accessible after running TestShowPrivateContent. Note that this is behind a test command, so not officially supported…

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But enough to play with nodes :slight_smile:

I know you have your hands full with the release of Rhino6 and Cycles, but I’m on board with D-W here – as much of the Blender Cycles Options as you can expose in Rhino Raytraced would be awesome. As long as it’s stable so I can use it for paying work jobs, I’m on board and would love to see what you have planned or any ideas you have.

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Looks great! is there any news regarding the plugin for Rhino 6 or is there ClearCoat etc. in Rhino 7 WIP? That would be amazing!!!

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I have been creating and fixing up an improved version of the “secret material” (calling it “PBR-style material”). There are still a few minor bits to do, but I think I will be able to release it in a few weeks. It should work with 6.12 and newer. Just keep an eye out for news on this forum.


I finally got around to publish this sample code. Whilst it is sample code it works with the Raytraced mode.

Check the README of the repository for info on how to install:


Hi, I tried the TestPackage and could set up a PBR material,
but when I reopen the file, the PBR settings are gone.

What Rhino version are you using? You should be using a 6.13 release candidate for it to work properly. Hmm, 6.12 should work too.

edit: I already see what the problem is. When starting Rhino again the RhinoPbrMaterial plug-in doesn’t get automatically loaded. So when loading a file with a material from this plug-in you’ll get the placeholder material, although the plug-in really should be loaded. I have logged an issue for that RH-50846.

So, after startup of Rhino first load the plug-in, then the file.

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I have updated the plug-in to autoload on Rhino startup.

Hi guys … i dont create new thread but i have only two questions.

1.How far is cycles for rhino between cycles for rhino on mac and blender cycles …
2. How will be future of cycles.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Our current Cycles codebase is around a year old compared to current Blender Cycles.

I’m working on rebasing our patches on top of latest Cycles. I hope I can enable many of the improvements made in the past 12 months in upstream Cycles.

  1. A year behind (same for Rhino on Windows)
  2. Bright, in the current Rhino WIP Cycles has already replaced the old Rhino Render core. It is the new Rhino Render where the old one is in the WIP now known as Legacy Rhino Render.

What’s your guess on when you’ll be caught up with the moving target?

It sounds good … thank you.

And how it is with render settings / render layers implementation?

It’ll be a few weeks to go through the process. There are many new features to grok, new dependencies to verify and test, and some twenty patches of our own to revisit, adapt and apply.

The render settings you currently can tweak already are under Tools > Options > Cycles.

Render layers are theoretically possible, but it depends on how we can fit it into the Rhino UI. Some level of integration through passes for the post-effects system in the render window may be possible, but it is not a priority.

Hey, we just officially released the PBR Material interface in the Rhino WIP for both Mac and Windows.
If you want to give it a try, join the PBR Material thread


Is it still in “not a priority” mode?

Render cycles :


You currently get access to the combined mode, normal pass and depth pass. Albedo is on the list, but there is a small bug there still, so it isn’t available just yet.

In the Rendering panel there is a Render Channels section where you can choose what you want, just remember Albedo doesn’t work yet.