Specularity / F0 in Physically Based material

I didn’t knew where to hook with this so first off all i guess Cycles users will find this very useful - focus on specular param - in v7 called F0

Second does anybody know how actually maps should be set? Just put in is enough what with correction of gamma on roughness or normals? I’m very curious as I’m getting very inconsistent results. Or does anyone have appropriate scene setup in rhino?

Comparison examples of different engines - only Rhino Cycles stands off so I’m assuming that this is error on my side but I can’t find out whats wrong. @nathanletwory could you provide some guide how valid material should be made?

I’m adding also my setups so someone could point whats wrong:

It would be useful if you attached a file with the Physically Based material and object where it is applied to.

For Rhino 7 please no longer use the Rhino PBR-Style material, it has been superseded by the Physically Based material