8 WIP: Custom colors

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Now that there are the new Light and Dark modes, how do I make my own custom UI color scheme? I used this charcoal grey setup in Rhino 7, but I can’t seem to recreate this in 8. I can switch from light to dark and add my .ini file from 7 which darkens the viewports, but how do I modify the toolbars/containers? Is there a way to use the “light” icons with the “dark” toolbar backgrounds?

Rhino 7

Rhino 8 dark

Good question. There seems to be a lot of colour settings removed (or moved).

I think that stuff is still being worked on…

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See Rhino 8 User Interface Freeze Approaches - #40 by Gijs


Don’t rely too much on what you see now in advanced settings, as this is currently being worked on.

I hope it’s still being worked on. Currently it is WAY to high contrast. Please just take a look at the colors from the Blender UI or Cinema 4D UI.

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