Feature Suggestion: Slabs treated as Walls


I am learning visualARQ at the moment and enjoying most parts of the software.

When setting up my first bigger building, I wondered why the slab object doesn´t interact with walls and is treated like a one?
It could blend perfectly with innner parts of a wall, to alow for better and apropriate sections and model quality.
In reality walls and slabs have much in common, like different layers with sometimes the same materials and functions. (structure, insulation, plaster,…)
The walls wrapping feature on ends and openings would be more than welcome on slabs as well. (In interaction with walls)
Maybe this somehow could also adress the “profiles” slab, as requested earlier.


Hi Michael,
The feature to interesect slabs with walls hasn’t been developed yet (up to the 1.9 version), but we are certainly interested to do it.
I’ll let you know when we work on this feature.
Kind regards,

That sounds good!
And thanks