Core Wall Layers

I was just wondering if someone knows if it is possible to connect the core of the walls (reinforcedconcrete) to the core of the floorslab (also reinforcedconcrete) like you would do it in revit for structural walls.
regards Sadi

Hi @Sadi Sadi,
Up to the 1.9 version it is not possible to intersect wall layers with slab layers. We will develop this feature in future VisuaLARQ versions.


ok thanks for the fast answer. we can probably work around it somehow. but usually you really need functions like this to build a detailed BIM model for professional use.

another problem i have is that walls often join very strangely or not at all and sometimes i only get half the wall when i try to use an arc as input

Hi @Sadi, Can you send us this .3dm file to ? We will check it out and fix any possible bugs. Meanwhile try one of the following options to see if you can fix the wall intersection issues:

  1. Select all walls and update them (“vaUpdate” command)
  2. Make sure there are no duplicated walls.
  3. Enable the wall control points and move them to a different position along its path at the intersection points.
  4. Select two or more walls that intersect and change the “Sort Order”, under the Wall Join icon, in the Properties panel. See screenshot below.