No New Wall Features in VA 3?


All of wall features on the roadmap are still “Planned”.
Does this mean we can’t see new wall features in VA 3?
I remember Enric said joint between slabs and walls will be implemented in VA 3.

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Yes, the feature of wall-slab/roof intersections is expected in VisualARQ 3. Only if its development takes more than what we expect we will postpone it for a future version, since we don’t want to delay the release of VisualARQ 3 so much. I hope it’s not the case and we can include this feature in VA 3.

Thanks. Francesc.
Is the future version that you mean by VA 3.X or VA 4?

It will be VisualARQ 4. VisualARQ 3.x versions will fix bugs and add some improvements. The new features that are not in VA 3 will be postponed for VisualARQ 4, which won’t take as long as it is taking from VA2 to VA 3.

Is there a skylight function in the VA3?


Hi Boris,
We are working on the feature to insert windows in roofs and slabs. So we will generate proper styles for skylight windows. See a sneak preview below:
Window in Roof


Hello Francesc, I’m very happy to hear that. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: