Feature request

currently rhino highlights surfaces in UV selection.
it’d be great to have the same for edges (easier to figure out orientation)

edges are boundaries and don’t specifically have a direction (i.e trimmed edges) , for instance the uv of a surface can be perpendicular to the xy plane whereas an edge can be at an angle or even curved…it doesn’t specifically relate to uv space per se as a diagonal edge across a square surface does not conform to either u or v… does that make sense?

you can however see what the curve direction of the edge is by duplicating the edge and running the dir command. (you could even alias this and assign it to a button if you used it alot)

@theoutside this is about UV in texture space, not surfaces… showing edges should work just fine?

right, this is within UV editor, & relationship between UVs and the object
is what I’m after.

this is Kyle’s suggestion:

no relation to parent object

& atair:

same prob

I use modo for organic modeling & UV handling is pretty straight fwd there.
helps when trying to map textures or text etc that wraps around across surfaces
to see which surfaces share the same dge etc.

thnx for your inputs!

here’s example of what I meant

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