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Would it be possible to have an optional feature added to Rhino that allows for backfaces to have a pattern on them rather than just a colour?

I often use various colours when modelling (as garish as it can be) to help me differentiate parts and give them specific meanings. But, when I add coloured backfaces, sometimes the colour is so similar to the colours I have in use that I can’t tell the difference.

What would stand out would be the option to have something like a mid-light light grey dots or hatching that would stand out from colouring.


Hello - the only not very graceful workaround that comes to mind is to apply a 2 sided material and set the object to use Rendered or a copy of rendered mode (SetObjectDisplayMode):


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Hi, you can setup a custom backfaces material per display mode, which may include some patterned texture. I am not sure though if the size of pattern will stay consistent on all geometry, since they will have various UV coords. But maybe you could experiment with that.


I have been doing that for several years. Here are my favorite backface patterns:

texture on mesh backface bug 2

island tile 2

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Pascal, Thanks much for the quick reply. Aye, that does look slightly less than graceful but not a bad consideration for some other things. I did have a play and it wasn’t quite as efficient as I was looking for. Jaerk and Andrew’s solutions worked great. I clearly must’ve missed the custom settings when I was looking at this - just what I needed

Cheers, Jarek. I hadn’t noticed the custome option before somehow, despite it being right in front of my face when I went back.

Nice solutions Andrew, those patterns are even better than what I had in mind. There’s no mistaking that they’re backfaces, until I start texturing coral, that is! Mind if I steal these to use?

I use a custom viewsport mode to quickly check the face direction. It has yellow and blue materials, so it’s basically impossible to make a mistake which side of a surface is which colour. :slight_smile: Here is it if anyone wants to try it.

Зайо Байо.ini (13.8 KB)

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Thank You Bobi !
Just what I have been looking for.

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I forgot to upload the two environment maps that the ini file from my previous post may require to render the blue and yellow materials:

0, 155, 255

255, 240, 0

I did dot make them - I have found them on the Internet. They are useful because they are seamless. Here are more seamless patterns:

seamless point pattern

seamless island pattern 3

seamless island pattern 4

seamless border pattern


This is seemingly simple but surprisingly usegul.
I never thought of this.
Thanks a lot!