[Feature Request] - Rhino 8 - Bake Content - "Bake Groups" Option


I would like to request the ability for the Bake Content component in Rhino 8 GH to have an option to bake the Content to Rhino groups based on their data tree structure or accept the groups node as a viable content connection for the bake component.

1000 curves

Data tree structure:

{0} - 350 curves
{1} - 200 curves
{2} - 450 curves

If “Bake Groups”:

Group 01 - 350 curves grouped with new group id generated
Group 02 - 200 curves grouped with new group id generated
Group 03 - 450 curves grouped with new group id generated

Current State (Group is not a valid model geometry.):

@AndyPayne do you have any current plans for potentially supporting this?

Groups likely wont be possible. However, we do have some ideas as to how you can bake content “as a batch” with a specific ID. Anyway, we do have some ideas on how you might bake only certain geometry and have it tagged in a specific way… but we’re still working on this idea and I don’t know exactly when it will be ready for release.

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Hi @AndyPayne ,

Thanks for the info, sounds good! I don’t need the baked geometry to be grouped often but there are certain use cases where it would be critical.

I think for now as a workaround, I’ll create a python node that references the GUIDs in each branch path of the Bake Content C input and groups them in Rhino after the bake content component has baked them.

I think Elefront 5 added a bake to groups feature on their node and I’m curious how that functions, not sure what methods were used.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing what you all come up with,


I used the Elefront bake to group feature quite often but what I never liked is that the group name was in the format Group + running number. In my case groups would combine geometry from different layers. A script to group objects based on a user attribute could be another option.