Bake Groups easily

Hi @andheum I prefer to use your plugin to manage complex attributes before baking but there is an issue during the workflow with groups, especially when it is baked over and over again, you have to assign different group indices.

I believe would be more easier if there is an option that permits to automatically assign indices like when you bake groups with the default baking method.

A quick solution could be that your Bake Geometry component support bake groups. Any chance to consider this please!

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Same problem here,
I can’t seem to find a set of indices that will work consistently.

You can always get an unused index from the group table by calling RhinoDocument.Groups.Add(); - see attached. (9.1 KB)


Thanks @andheum, Is there any way to assign groups per branch?
Imagine individual Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes (different layers, material, etc) with the same data structure. (15.4 KB)

Try this one. (also looks like you have an old version of Human!) (8.1 KB)

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thanks Andrew just one line of code…definitely I need to learn C#, I use humanformac, where es the version Human1.1.0, is for mac too?

Here’s the latest for mac - as long as you have the WIP this generally works fine (dynamic pipeline doesn’t seem to be working yet) Human.gha (416 KB)