Feature Request: Ctrl+Shift Select Points of Dimensions and Curves

Would be great and such timesaver

Selecting Dimension Points with Ctrl+Shift+Drag Marquee

Selecting Curve Points with Ctrl+Shift+Drag Marquee

I’ve never heard of marquee selection…

Selection commands | Rhino 3-D modeling (mcneel.com)

Are you referring to selecting objects by a window rectangle?

PS: I’m still wondering why you upload all videos to YouTube?

Thanks Martin!

You are right the current workaround is an extra step and not consistent imo - you have to turn on points, do the tweaking and turn off points, would be better as all elements to just select them with Ctrl-Shift-Selection Marquee.

Concerning your video question, it’s easy as I am using ScreenPal Basic Plan (former Screen-Cast-O-Matic) there you could upload instantly to Youtube with “Unlisted” turned on. It feels pretty straightforward.

What do you use?

@martinsiegrist it’s when you hold down Ctrl+Shift and drag a selection rectangle over objects, it will select all subobjects of the geometry - very handy and fast if you are not familiar with it you should try to model with this workflow.

Ok, I’m using OBS Open Broadcaster Software | OBS (obsproject.com)

Some of your videos were barely visible and I needed to reload the page to see it in better resolution. My internet connection isn’t the fastest but I usually don’t have this problem.

Hahaha that’s what I’m doing when I’m selecting the third time in the videeo. The vertical line segment…

I’ve been using this selection method for as long as I can remember…

@martinsiegrist it’s due to uploading videos to youtube, once uploaded it needs some short time to process it and then some short time to present it in high-res.

as long as I can remember…

Many do not know. It’s feels like cavemen times without it.

@hannesgrebinwork Dimensions should remain attached to the points you picked, so Ctrl+Shift selection should not select dimension points imo, as it would ruin the relation. Modify the geometry as in @martinsiegrist 's video instead and the dims should update automatically.

That being said there is RH-72486 Wish: SubObject Selection for Annotation Objects which would be handy for the location of the dimension.

I’ve added this thread.


Hi @Gijs understand. Relating to your thread - can you please explain what “mouse over highlight” means?

Thank you!

Try out some of these options: