New object point highlighting is excellent

Hi, would just like to say I really like how the V6 “points on when selected” mode works. It saves a bunch of keyboard pecking, especially on dimension editing.


Hi Eric - Yeah it is useful on dimensions especially. I am not so sure about curves, myself - let us know over time if that seems like a good thing…


Personally not fond of it with curves… Cant we have a per-object type setting? --Mitch

It should probably work with hatches as well.


I would say that I go both ways on curves. Occasionally it has been convenient for editing to have the points turn on by just selecting. But, to be honest it is usually just distracting. It may be that if I had started using Rhino with that feature it would seem obvious, but now I would rather use a command to turn the points on.
What about double clicking for points?

What I find distracting about curves is the inconsistent behavior between selecting one at a time (by any method including window) and selecting multiples. It kind of freaks me out when window selecting a bunch of stuff and some of it has points on and some doesn’t. I almost wonder if a double click could be points on.

Sam, here on my end when I select one curve, points are on. When I select more than one curve they are not. I think that makes sense. Initially thought having it on by default was going to be on my way, but after a few hours of use I realize that when I select one curve is because I want to edit it, and when I select several if because I want to move them, change properties, delete, etc…

So in summary: I’m liking the current behavior of:

  • points on for single curve/dimension
  • points off for multiple curves/dimension

I’m still unsure if it makes sense:

-points on for single curve/dimension and still on when shift-select (add) more curves/dimensions. maybe it does make sense.

I’m now wondering if also makes sense to have the same default points-on behavior for single solids showing solid points?