Can we exchange platform licenses? Rhino5 WIN for Rhino5 OSX?

I have a license of Rhino 5 for Windows, but frankly like using my Macbook Pro more than my Windows 7 machine - is there a way I will be able to swap my Windows license of Rhino 5 for the upcoming Mac version?


Nope. But there will be a special introductory offer of MacRhino at an excellent price. So you can keep both. Watch this space and your inbox for more details soon.


Drat! Makes sense though. Will there be an EVEN MORE special offer of Rhino5 OSX for students?

Looking forward to seeing what the offer is.

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@jarombra Yep, there will be a juicy reduction for students as well.

Do you know how juicy of a deal it would be for students? I’m debating between blowing my wad on either Modo or Rhino5 as I tend to use both (but if push came to shove could use just one).

information will be made public very soon, Jason, please stay tuned

Can you give me a date when the pricing information will be released?

“Soon” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, I’ll stay tuned over the next few days both on the forums and at the site. Thanks. :unamused:

You might check that site again now…

It would be great if could make it so your uk distributors sell the Mac version at the introductory price ASAP?

Some distributors may not have “turned on” their Rhino for Mac pages/info yet, as the official announcement is for Monday… Suggest you check with your favorite distributor then. --Mitch

Fantastic! Thanks Dan, ordering now…

The problem here in Britian is dealers are usually ignorant- my own personal experience that is!-I will check for an update monday but if dealers don’t offer us it on monday???

Well, I don’t know all of the dealers in the UK, but one of the largest and most active ones is a good friend and he and his team are far from ignorant. Their main page has “Mac coming soon” right at the top, so I’m willing to bet the sales stuff is ready to be switched on tomorrow morning.

I’m sure you’ll find someone who will.

Edit: As I suspected, the site I mentioned above now has now “switched on” their Rhino for Mac sales. It’s right in the front page.


The Mac Intro price is VERY reasonable. For my part I’m thrilled to have the opportunity for dual Win/Mac licenses for a such a price. I rave to others about how McNeel is the model for a fair minded and responsive software company, and once again they exceed my expectations. Intuit please take note…

So, even if You asked kindly for mac license number, you would not get it, would You? Am I right?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question here…

I suspect the number of users wanting to give up their WinRhino license in exchange solely for a MacRhino license will be very small. If McNeel were to permit this exchange they would likely win far more goodwill than they would lose financially. Thus, this would not only be pretty cool, it would be proof positive of just how good MacRhino has become in the eyes of some users.

Now, is this “technically” possible? That one’s for McNeel to answer!

Technically possible, yes. All they have to do is “invalidate” the license in their database. The license locally installed will of course keep working, but they can no longer get service releases or use it to upgrade.

However, all of that is moot, Windows Rhino users who actively tested Mac Rhino had a special (non-public) pre-release offer to acquire Mac Rhino at a price that was “almost free”. So there was actually no need to give up their Windows license.

IMO, the special intro price of 295 is already a giveaway compared to the Windows license price of 995.