Feature request: CopySVG, to copy curves to clipboard

I can click on curves (and even groups of curves) in Rhino, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them into Photoshop — which is great, BUT, it only allows me to paste them as a Vector Smart Object, and it’s a stroked set of vectors by default.

For example, if I draw a rectangle in Rhino, copy, and paste it into PS, I’ll get a stroked rectangle Vector Smart Object. This means that if I want to modify the vector at all (or choose to make it filled instead), I have to edit the smart object, which opens it up in Illustrator.

Now, when you copy vector data in Illustrator and paste it into Photoshop, you actually get this panel:

Much more flexibility. I’m guessing that Photoshop expects the vector/path data to be copied in some specific format in order for this to happen.

Wondering if anyone at McNeel knows a way for Rhino to copy curve data in this format so that I can skip this whole middle-man of Illustrator completely? Or any chance of investigating it with a script? I’m specifically hoping to paste curves from Rhino into PS directly as shape layers.

If it helps, as a test I created a single rectangle in Illustrator, copied it, and downloaded a Clipboard data viewer. It looks the data is wrapped in some basic SVG headers (among some other things…)

Hello - for now, this might be useful -


Have you tried the Shutterbug gh plugin?

This is a really hacky PS approach, unfortunately. It’s basically taking a pixelated rasterized selection and converting it into a vector shape, so the shape vector is made of really compromised data.

Another tool I use is Figma. Figma is all vector-based, it’s a massive product with a huge reach. You can copy and paste all sorts of vector data directly into it, as well as dragging vector files in (AI, SVG, etc).

If I copy a curve in Rhino and paste it in Figma, it pastes a screenshot of my Rhino viewport. Not the actual SVG data.

I believe Rhino would dramatically benefit from an incredibly basic CopySVG command which could be run on any curve. You already support this through saving/exporting to AI/SVG formats. Could we just get a handy command line for this to skip the annoying process of creating temporary junk files?

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We would love this, the Figma usecase is really important for folks doing physical and scene UX work to products designed/modeled in Rhino.