CopyPaste problem, from Rhino to AffinityDesigner or Inkscape

I created a rectangle 100mmx50mm and placed to the clipboard.
This rectangle placed to Affinity Designer has strange size.

In Inkscape

I’m not sure if values placed to the clipboard by Rhino are correct.


Rhino SVG native export or copy-paste likely is working like a printer, camera position and zoom level of the viewport is part of the conversion. That’s why you are getting random scale and position.
You better use another format to export (like dwg/dxf/ai) or search for a SVG export tool/plugin.

I don’t want to export ca. 10 000 elements to files. CopyPaste is the only solution.

CopyPaste from external programs - Designer 2 Bugs found on Windows - Affinity | Forum (


@pascal sorry to tag you in.
Is RTX precise here^ ? (about the pixelater rasterization re converted to vector…)

@jacek I don’t understand why you mean to export/import shapes one by one.
You can select many shapes on Rhino, export them all together in the most proper format you find (dwg), and import them in Affinity/Inkscape…

Hi Riccardo, sorry, I have no idea…


Rectangle 100mmx50mm
File created by Rhino:

The same rectange placed to the clipboard:


Rectangles are not the same!

I’m developer with over 30 years experience and I’m sure Rhino has a bug. SVG’s created by Export commnad and Copy command should contain the same geometry.

I expect this problem will be resolved ASAP.

Let’s talk about serious bug in Rhino not my way of working.

Believe me, I will never refrain from discuss serious bugs in Rhino :see_no_evil:

… but this one is not a bug. You are trying to use a non-feature and persuaded yourself this is the only way you can make your workflow.
There are probably a lot of people that are passing 2D vector shapes from Rhino to design software like Affinity or Illustrator. But they just use Export functionality.
Or you can even consider making a small script that do, with a button click, what you are expecting from a CTRL-C …

I’m not a dev, but I can tell you, you shouldn’t expect this “non-feature” of copy-pasting SVG fixed anytime soon. Or at all.