PASTESVG command?

Out of curiosity the other day, I tried copying vectors out of Illustrator and pasting them into and empty Rhino (7.11.21293.9001, 2021-10-20) document and a bit of text appeared on the command line, “Pastesvg”, and nothing appeared to happen. I tried a SELALL command and…nothing.

I made a few curves, copied them to the clipboard, switched back to Illustrator, and pasted them into the Illustrator document. Worked like a charm, even bringing them in as flat linework representing the same view as the viewport they were copied from in Rhino. Nice and useful function for that workflow.

What’s interesting is “Pastesvg” appears to be a valid/accepted command which does not issue an “Unknown command: Pastesvg” error from Rhino when typed at the command prompt. Feels like I found an Easter egg. Is there an implementation of this that is supposed to work or may work some day?

Searching the web for “Rhino” and “Pastesvg” yields only one semi-relevant hit, but nothing of direct relevance:

I often convert from Illustrator to Rhino and it’s a bit of a labor which direct copy/paste functions could alleviate. Rhino’s current acceptance of part of the process makes me curious to how this may/should/might work.


I believe recent updates to Illustrator may have broken this feature. We need to figure out if Illustrator still places svg in the clipboard

[edit] confirmed: the latest version of Illustrator changed it’s SVG format in the clipboard slightly which showed a bug in Rhino’s code when parsing the SVG. I fixed this today and you should be able to see the fix in 7.13 which will become available as a release candidate next week.

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Hello! By the way - copy/paste from Rhino to AffinityDesigner works, too! Fonts, colored hatches, curves, even NURBS.
The other way around results in Rhino wanting to place a picture, though, which then is just transparent/not showing up. Not a big deal anyway…

Couldn’t we copy and paste from Autocad?

RH-65824 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13

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