Feature Request: Changing Style

There needs to be a way to select an annotation style and then change all text/dimensions using that style to another style.

As a help, perhaps the following scripts might be useful:

SelSameAnnotationStyle.py (775 Bytes)
(selects all other annotations using the same style as a selected one)

SelObjsByAnnotationStyle.py (633 Bytes)
(presents you with a list of all annotation styles in the document and selects all the annotations using the style you choose)

Neither one actually changes a style to a new one, that you still have to do in a second step.

Here’s one that will change the styles of all annotations that have the same style as a selected one to a new style (selected from a list of all the annotation styles in the document). Note, this will affect all annotation objects with the selected style - even if hidden or locked.

ChangeAnnotationStyle.py (1.3 KB)

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