Select same annotation style

Hi there,

Not sure if the following is implemented or has been requested before.

I have a rhino document which has lots of different styles of text and annotation. Is it possible to select all texts of one formatting style; so that I don’t end up selecting all the texts in the document?

Perhaps, to be able to select a source text, then all text objects of same formatting style are automatically selected afterwards?


I might have a script for that, will look in a few minutes…

Hi Jeremy -

Does the SelAnnotationStyle command do what you want?

This script should do that. It will not however discriminate between objects with the base style and objects where the base style has been modified (for example changing an individual text block’s letter height while retaining the original style). (775 Bytes)


Hi Wim,

SelAnnotationStyle gives a menu, but it doesn’t allow a preselected object to be used to determine which annotation styles to look for.


Hi Helvetosaur (Mitch?)

Thanks for making that script. However, I think I didn’t properly put into words what I was thinking.

In the image below, I think it could be very robust to have the following

  1. run a selection command
    2a. be asked to select an initial annotation (in this case, 6mm Hello on bottom right)
  2. have a selection menu (like the match properties command; remembering previous input) where the user can input what annotation properties need to be matched during the finding process. E.g., Style, Font, Text height, justification etc. This list could be less or more comprehensive.

2b. if no annotation exists, the user could input the specific values to try to find.


This probably needs to be a compiled plugin instead of a python script.( or a feature to be added to rhino in the future)


That’s far too involved for some simple scripting. An annotation style has literally hundreds of parameters to deal with, and each individual annotation object can have any one those base parameters individually modified.

It should be possible to script some simple single-purpose functions such as finding all text elements that have a certain size, font, or justification.

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Yes indeed haha… so many variables :see_no_evil:

But the fundamental ones as you mentioned (style, size, font, or justification) would be beneficial :slight_smile:


Hi Helvetosaur,

Just wondering if a simple script like this might feature in a future update for rhino?

I’ve also wondered what the process is as to how the developers determine whether a request is likely to be beneficial to be implemented within a Rhino update, or whether it’s best solved by a python/rhino script.


I’m not with McNeel, so I can’t really say… I created a Youtrack item to make sure it’s on the ‘pile’ somewhere.

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