Change All Dimensions when switching Annotation Style

Is there a way to update / apply the style to all dimensions? As far as I can see it is only working with new dimensions when already switched to a new style. Thank you

Just do a SelDim and then change the style of all the selected dimensions via Properties. However, this will not affect any dimension objects locked or hidden or on locked or off layers…

I guess a scripted “nuclear option” could be made that would change everything regardless of visible/locked state.

Sounds very exciting!
Huge thanks Mitch. I am here waiting for it. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll see if I can make one with a big red button… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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OK, try this on for size… Right now this will change the style of all of the dimension objects in the file - including leaders and text blocks. It can be modified to exclude either of those if you want. And, as stated earlier, it will modify the objects regardless if they are locked or hidden. (1.2 KB)

Another great one from our scripting MVP!

I’m thinking it would add to the usefulness of this if there was an option to change only those annotations that already had a user-pickable style applied. If you have a spare moment, of course…

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Not sure what you mean by that…?

Yes, it’s a clumsy sentence…

Let’s say some dimensions have StyleA applied and others have StyleB (within the same model). You might want to change StyleA to StyleC but leave StyleB unchanged. So an option to pick StyleA to be the target from a list of all styles in the document would be helpful.

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OK, that’s not a nuclear option…

I already have this script: (1.3 KB)

However, while it will change the style of dimension objects that are hidden or on off layers, it will not change the style of objects that are locked or on locked layers. This seems to be the way that the system was designed, locked is locked… I could eventually modify the script to temporarily unlock the objects or layers and change the style, then re-lock them. That is what I had to do with the previous script.