Bug: Annotation Styles

If I do SelAnnotationStyle {whatever} and there is a mixture of linear, radial, orangular dimensions, I cannot then change the annotation style in the properties viewport.

Hi John -

That behavior is by design. When different object types are selected at the same time, only the general properties are displayed in the properties panel.

So is there a way of selecting them separately?


From your initial description, it sounds like you want to modify an annotation style. You can do this by going to the document properties and modifying the annotation style there.

Let’s say I have a mixture of linear, radial, and angular dimensions of style X and I want to change them all to style Y.

If I do SelAnnotationStyle X select them all but I cannot change them on the panel.

If this is by design that common features cannot be modified then, I need something like

SetRadialAnnotationStyle X
SetAngularAnnotationStyle X
SetLinearAnnotationStyle X

So that i can change each subgroup separately.