Feature Request/Bug? - Text Field Editing like PC version


I remember being able to edit Text Field ‘tags’ in the sidebar text editing window on Rhino for PC. Doesn’t seem to be a thing in Rhino for Mac - It just displays the output of said Field. Is it possible to implement this? I can’t actually change Text Field values because of this and usually have to create a new Text object in order to do so.

Is it also possible to maybe edit Document Text Fields in the TextField window by double clicking the value or such? It’s a slight annoyance that you have to type “SetUserDocumentText” and then have to remember the keys you’ve assigned…

Images below:

Hi Jfocus,
I assume you are using 5.4.

I found I was able to add the field to the text that was set to a DocumentText field.
I was then able to edit the value of the DocumentText in the DocumentText panel.
Open the DocumentText panel by typing in DocumentText.

This panel will open. And you can edit the value of the DocumentText field, and the text object updates.

You can also see the names of the User text and their setting. You an just edit them here, or if you use SetUserPropertyText, then you know what to type in. But it is much easier to open the DocumentText inspector.

Not all was prefect. When I went back to edit the text fields, the text field was not visible. So this is bug.

This has been logged as RH-44966.
We will alert you in this thread when it has been fixed.

Let me know if the DocumentText command helps.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Huh? @mary Did I miss the public introduction of a V6 Mac WIP?? - - Mitch


What Mitch said :slight_smile:



No, but “I” have it an in house Rhino for Mac 6 WIP.
You really don’t want it now. :slight_smile:

It is needs more work, before it will be available for you to test.
You will be notified here on the Forum.

Mary Ann Fugier


Yes I would… :wink:


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