User text field questions


I have some issues with the user fields that I would like to share with you:

1.Is there a way to make the Properties panel stay while I’m editing control points? If I select them, the Properties panel is going to show the current viewport’s information, which is not really helpful. Use case, for instance: I would like to eyeball a rough goal of a curve area (e.g. a site boundary), now I have to either use grasshopper or click back and forth, since I cannot monitor the changes. I could also create a text only for this, but that’s just way too much clicks, when it could be shown right in the panel.

2.When I try to access user text in text fields, Rhino crashes on me randomly when I try to edit it – no reports, whatsoever. (It just silently disappears, which I find strange, but it happens a lot lately.) It’s not really convenient way of editing, because a certain text is not having a relative link to its host object, which means all text copies will be tied to the original one. I have to always edit each to show up proper information after copying, so a picker tool would be very welcome to link the GUIDs to the text fields in a faster manner. I don’t know, how it should be handled properly, but I would expect something like this: if one copies only the text, it should reflect the same values, but when the object, whose user field texts are referenced is copied as well, the text field should update the GUID automatically to reflect changes in the copy object. I know, that there are several other cases (multiple objects are referenced, the users intention is something else, etc.), but in general I would say this could be a nice time saver feature.

I can also echo the wishes expressed in these threads:

  1. I cannot edit the value fields in the properties panel. I’ve tried double clicking into them, is there something, that I’m missing here? Using the SetUserText command is a bit awkward to me, so if it’s by design, please consider making it possible to edit the keys/values over there in the Properties panel, but I suspect it is rather a bug.

  2. To my knowledge mathematical expressions are not possible yet. Is there a way to access user fields from grasshopper and write data there?


This seems like the stopper here - perhaps Properties should assume that the control point parents are selected and not nothing, when points are selected. I don’t know if that is possible.

I can edit the key and values here… it’s a kind of click and wait a half-second thing to get the text field to wake up for editing.