Feature request: ALT-drag to duplicate layer and objects in layer panel

I’m not sure if this has been discussed earlier, but I would very much like the ability to ALT-drag a layer in the layer panel to duplicate the layer and its objects. Optionally also CTRL-drag to duplicat layer, but not objects.

This would save a lot of time when working with different variations of objects when wanting to copy new layers from one iteration to the others.

Currently one need to choose “Duplicate layer and objects” from the context-menu, but this always creates the duplicate in the same place and therefore includes the “-copy” suffix in the layer name. I then have to drag the new layer to wherever it needs to be and manually remove the suffix.

It would feel a lot smoother if I could do all of this in one operation and it seems like a rather small fix seeing as the drag-and-drop functionality is already there.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I could not find anything in the forum.

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I like the idea of having more functionality in the layer-palette with hot-keys.

What ever functionality is added with hot-keys - i would appreciate to have fly-outs that indicate / describe this functions - toolbar / button edit is implemented with this very nice behaviour in the Windows-Version.

i would love to see the “one Layer On / Off” - Functionality for example with a alt-klick on the ligth-Bulb-Icon. … and of course the same for “one Layer Lock / unlock”

And the Renaming for copy-paste could be improved.
Copying a layer named “layer 01” will result in “layer 01 copy” … copying this layer again will result in “layer 01 copy copy” - which shows the inheritance but is not very readable.
i would love “layer 01” become next free number “Layer 02” - or the duplicate Layer should end with the name beeing active / edit mode.
talking about name editing: it would be great if finishing a a rename action with “tab”, to have the next layername being in edit mode…

let s see what RH8 will bring…

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