Wish: Alt-Drag Copy (Current Layer Option/Toggle)

Hi All
I’m often using the ALT (copy) option combined with mouse drag (Grid Snap = On) to setup reference levels/linework for modeling.
The default drag copy operation creates a duplicate of the object on the original objects layer.
I think it might be a useful feature to be able to tap a key during the drag operation which toggles between the original and current layer for the new (copy) object.
ie. Same functionality as the ALT tap, but applicable to current or original output layer.
At the moment I can drag out parallel reference lines making duplicates using the ALT tap method, and then I go back and then go back and select them one by one and re-assign them to the layers of the sub objects they need to be a reference to.
Not a huge problem, but it might be a useful option to others too in their workflow when using drag-ALT(copy).
Default can remain copy to original layer. Michael VS

Hi Michael - For now, you can select all the copies and use ChangeToCurrentLayer, or use the popup layer control in the status bar - select the any layer in that pop up to move selected objects to that layer. Is that good enough?