Tracking Revit elements created by Python3 in Grasshopper


I would like to ask, if there is a way in Grasshopper with Rhino.Inside to track the Revit elements, which are created with Python script component?

As an example in the attached screenshot, the walls are copied within the Transaction from Revit API, but the Grasshopper has no links tracking these new walls. If the script were re-run, the will be doubled elements (including dependencies). I’m wondering, if there is a module or a method from Grasshopper that I can call to create trackable elements or make elements trackable. Since I couldn’t find the existing topic to solve my problem, I hope, it is not a redundant question. If it is, please advice me to that relevant topic.

Much appreciated!

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Hi Ching-Hua Chen,

We are planning to add that in the next SDK break (Rhino.Inside.Revit 2.0), no firm timeline at when that will happen at the moment. We are looking at adding a pseudo tracking mechanism for scripted components before then.

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Hi Japhy,

many thanks for your prompt reply. I understand and look forwards to seeing that feature and the pseudo one as well.
Is there already a ticket for adding this feature that you might be able to share so that I can follow the development or I can get somehow notified?


Certainly. Element Tracking in Scripting Components · Issue #172 · mcneel/rhino.inside-revit · GitHub

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Thanks, Japhy.

This will be awesome!!