Changing detail item parameter using revit inside rhino

Hi Everyone,

I am writing a simple script to add detail item in to Revit. I am following the below steps.

  1. I have a set of points, generated from a c# component.
  2. I am using Add Detail item component from Revit inside rhino, in which I am selecting the view and type.


I have 2 questions,

  1. In this detail item, when I select in revit, has some parameters, how can I set these parameters from the detail components that are created.? I am not able to access these parameters
  2. The Detail Items i created earlier, I am not able to select them in Revit, and as i close the grasshopper component, these elements also gets deleted.

Thanks in advance, I am very new to this and any help is appreciated.

Hello @Raqueeb_Ali ,

For question number one, you will find detailed explanation in below guide, you will mainly need to use either “Inspect Element” or “Element Parameter” components to change the parameters of the detail elements or any other elements you create in the future:

For question number two, you will find your answer in the below post, let us know if that does not solve it for you:

thanks @M.Tarabishy this solved.