Feature: is it possible to tweak the PrintPreview in viewport to have raster output like in the print window?

This will enable the use of silhouette and line print width/color together and we will be able to diagram in 3D like in a graphic software like Illustrator.

Right now this is only possible through actually printing to pdf/image but the raster printing is buggy and will produce glitched images and inconsistent width lines while screencapture will not, and it’s so much better when what you draw is what you see on the screen and is what you get when captured.

see attached image, silhouette will be disabled when printpreview turn of because it’s default to show a vector output I believe?

Thank you!

Hi Jun - I’m not sure I understand the request completely but the display mode that I think you’re showing here is mesh based - there is no ‘simple’ vector version of it available. But if you can post a simple file that shows the discrepancy you’re talking about here:

we can look at that.


I guess to rephrase, is it possible to turn on silhouette and at the same time turn on printdisplay so lines and curves can have different line weight right inside the viewport, as you can see above in my screenshot, as soon as I turn on print preview the silhouette and parallel line shadows disappear.

I will upload a file showing the printing problem I’m describing shortly.

Hi Jun - I see - right, the Technical based display modes don’t show in vector prints, you need to use raster.


but it’s not possible to have print preview inside viewport with raster, I will have to use the print dialog to achieve this but not possible inside viewport and use viewcapture, the reason I don’t want to use print is because like I mentioned above it sometimes generate glitched images, see below:

this is a image printed from R5 (but I have seen it happens in R6 too just can’t recreate the problem at this moment) as PDF using raster output, the highlighted area you can see obvious glitch where the image seemed chopped and shifted. I can’t really share this particular file as it’s a not yet published project, I will try to recreate the issue in R6 and share the new file. This issue seem to only happen if I print with raster output.

ha appologies, on second try, I think it may have been a compatibility issue with the bluebeam pdf printer my company is using, as you can see it generate the buggy image while Rhino PDF does not.

!BLANK!.pdf (493.5 KB) (Bluebeam PDF printer)

test.pdf (213.1 KB) (Rhino PDF)

still, it will be nice to be possible to see the Silhouette and different lineweight together right inside the viewport, without having to print it, so as to design the graphics in a more interactive way, hopefully a future feature to consider, thank you!

(print to image:)

(inside viewport without print preview, cannot see print color and lineweight):

(inside viewport with print preview turned on, cannot see silhouette and parallel line shadow):

Hi Jun - thanks, I see what you mean and off hand I think this is a bug…