Fbx Import Problems

I was trying to import this file into rhino, Fbx is working well in any 3d platform except rhino
*sorry for not explaining I have forgot to explain my problem :kissing:
Building.FBX (5.3 MB)

Hello - please don’t make me guess what you are asking/reporting/complaining about. We have language - please use it and explain the problem as clearly as possible and priovide an example file. If english is difficult, please at least have a try at it or explain in your own language and we’ll try to translate.

RH-66325 Import fbx: parts out of place


Easy Tiger, I was having internet issue and I forgot to continue explaining my problem
any way check the post again the file provided

Do you have a simple example that exhibits the problem?

Tim, I got a file added to the original post and made a YT for you.


Hi Pascal,

I was really looking for a simple example, not an entire apartment complex. I need to ask for help from the smart ones on this one and it’s always easier to figure out when the example is as simple as it can possibly be.


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