Fastest way to slice/BooleanSplit dense meshes (ShrinkWrap)

Dear all,

I am trying to slice a sculpture (3D print) which is the result from ShrinkWrap and it is dense. Due to the size 120cm length I would like to slice it into several parts to print one segment by one and glue it together.

As my attempts with BooleanSplit/SplitMesh stopped all asround somewhere 86% I would like to know your best approach to tackle this. Thank you!

Hi Hannes -

I’ve seen MeshSplit halt at some % with a user file last week, but, after waiting a while, the process completed. How long are you waiting?
Apart from that, we’d need to see a 3dm file to check what’s going on.

MeshSplit did the Job, it is BooleanMeshSplit which does not work and I would need it to cut the several pieces which I would like to print and therefore they have to be a closed mesh. Stops at 83%

Here is the file (enclosed in a box forgot to delete it).

Thank you

Hi Hannes - I would SplitDisjointMesh and possibly delete all the tiny meshes, unless those are needed and just deal with the two large meshes?


Thank you @pascal