Mesh booleans and other tools?


I’m wondering what (if any) the roadmap is for the various mesh tools.
In particular I’m wondering if the mesh-boolean tools and various mesh splitting operations will get some love?

The current implementations are so buggy they are useless for everyday use.
Since meshes are still a widely used representation and vital for 3D printing I would really love to have better tools in Rhino for handling them. (Apart from the embarrising situations when Rhino produces results like the attached in front of a customer)
MeshBoolDifference.3dm (498.7 KB)

I’m not asking for voxel-based (re)meshing; just a fix for tools that have been broken for years.
In my opinion it’s either a proper repair or disable these tools all together, keeping them alive in version 6 where they were already broken in V4 ( or was it V3 already?)


Thanks for the file, I’ve added it to our list as

Do you have any other mesh issues you see often? I don’t know what mesh work will be done for v6 but any and all bug reports would be great to see. Reference me in the post and I’ll make sure they get filed.

Hi Brian,

Here is another one

splitmeshwithcurve.3dm (98.0 KB)

Thanks, filed as

MeshSplit works but I know the border is less accurate so this is a bug and is filed now.

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