Fastener From IFC

How I can Extract Fastner (Bolts) From IFC ?

can you give some more detail or a file?

What is “IFC”?

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Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) - buildingSMART Technical

I think you would need VisualARQ or some other plug in that reads the IFC format. Do you know what software the IFC file is coming from?

I also think there is a IFC to STEP converter out there as they are in a similar format.

There should be a few ways to import IFC to Rhino (some paid, others free) especially if you use Grasshopper. Unfortunately I haven’t used any of these myself,then%20select%20files%20to%20convert.&text=Remember%20to%20be%20patient%20when,the%20pointer%2C%20everything%20is%20fine.

come from tekla structure

i didn’t get solution for bolts

this a format carry information from program like revit curry model infromation

speckle dosen’t support fastner

Hi Mohamed -
Rhino doesn’t read or write IFC files. You will have to find a plug-in or converter that does that.
Have you looked at About the Geometry Gym category?
If you also run Tekla, you could take a look here: About the Tekla category

Here’s a sample of locating fasteners using IFC from Tekla using the geometry gym plugin.
Let me know if you have problems testing it with your own model. Hope it helps.



220729 Tekla Fasteners from (11.6 KB) (3.9 KB)

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thank you jhon for this
is it available to get information like size and standard of bolt?

Yes, you can see in the image from our IFC tree viewer the properties on the fastener object (for my export, steel fabrication model view). There are grasshopper components to extract this as per this example.
220729 Tekla Fasteners from (14.7 KB)


ok i try it and now i want to decompose (is defiend by ) to get value of bolt size how i can do that ?
and is there any manual for explain gg ifc to be clear because the guide on site dosen’t cover all things

IFC is a very comprehensive data model and a guide would be large (and possibly difficult to navigate and find the topic of interest). We are a small, agile business, so far our emphasis has been on functionality and support on demand (ie forum or direct messages) to help users with utilizing the tools.
We’re also always actively working on improvements and improved components etc as we identify what is confusing or not intuitive.
In addition to the script I shared, there are some example gh scripts here, IFC Examples - Geometry Gym

If you post a sample IFC file with a gh script of what you have tried, I can help make it work. You can review the properties in our tree viewer or other ifc viewers such as Solibri or Trimble Connect to identify what a property name is for an attribute such as bolt size.