Faro Gage USB driver

I am familiar with the “http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/farousbdriverinstall” page, but it does not seem to be helping me to get my Faro Gage (USB) to talk to Rhino v5. Does anyone have any success stories with this?

Some of Faro’s drivers were not working with Windows 8.1, although they did work prviously on Windows 8.0. I only recently got a driver from Nov 2014 that solved this issue with the Platinum Arm.

I am running the latest release of Rhino 5 in Windows 7 (64bit) and have a Faro Gage Plus device running with the Faro Gage 2.2 software. I have the latest Faro USB driver ( The device works with the Faro software, but Rhino reports that it cannot find the arm when I try to connect under the tool menu. It does open up a Faro tab on the toolbar, in which I can then see the serial number of the arm, etc. But it won’t allow calibration, or gathering any data.

Uninstall/reinstall the Faro USB driver (you probably already tried that)? Then restart Windows.

Unfortunately, I tried that as well as trying older versions of the USB driver. Everything works when I use the “Cam2 Gage” software. But Rhino can’t make the link.

I have exact the same problem. I have got a Faro Gage Plus with windows 7 and Faro USB driver . And I’am using Rhino v5 version 5.12…
Is there already a solution for this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, Faro won’t loan us an arm for testing and troubleshooting.
Every few years, one of their customers like you calls Faro and pesters them enough, they get one of their sales guys calls us. We tell them we need an arm for troubleshooting, and tell them they can write a driver using our free developer tools if they would prefer. The sales guy says they can get us an arm and nothing happens.
Calls and email messages are not returned.
A few more years go by and the same silly dance is repeated.
It’s hugely frustrating from both user and developer sides of the issue.

I was not able to get my Faro arm to work with Rhino and eventually gave up. Is does work with Delcam PowerInspect, which is what I ended up using to capture data and then export it to Rhino. All my dealings with Faro have been “unpleasant”.

Dusting off an old thread: Are there still problems with getting USB Faro arms to work with Rhino 5? Have things got better/worse/the same with Windows 10?

At least there’s a driver now for Windows 10, though I don’t have experience with using it in Rhino … Hopefully someone else will.

The following was updated Jan 20th 2016, although its still not indicating Rhino 5?

Its been some time since this thread was active. I just wanted to check with McNeel if this issue with Faro Arm compatibility has been resolved. I couldn’t find any drivers for V5. Has anyone had any success with this?

Short answer: still no.
As I recall, the Gage is a scanner head device and never will work with Rhino.
That said, for at least the last 3 years, and maybe longer, we have been unable to get ANY Faro arms in-house for development or testing.

As a result, I no longer recommend Faro arms to users.
Some Rhino users have had good luck with them over the years, but they figured them out mostly on their own.

I’m looking to purchase a used Faro gage plus arm and send it in for repairs. Once done, If I send it to you can you develop the proper support for Rhino 5 & 6?

I don’t think so, no.
The “Gage” arms are have laser scanner heads used (I think), for collecting point clouds. Rhino’s support for point clouds is primarily for third-party plug-in developers. There aren’t good native commands for using point cloud data.
Rhino digitizer support is for the single point probe arms like the Microscribe.
They work like a 3D mouse.

No, these arms are older style that work strictly on a point collection like the microscribe. The gage and plus are single point generators, just much more accurate. Still no?