Romer or Faro 3D Arm


I am using Rhino V6 and would like to connect either a Romer 8512 3D digitizing Arm OR a Gage Faro 3D digitizer arm … I have seen that there are issues with getting either of these two arms to connect to the PC running Windows 10 64 bit OS … Is this still a problem or has there been a solution that works with this combo… I would like to know if it is McNeel or Romer or Faro or Windows is the problem before I pull the trigger and order this hardware … Lot’s of finger pointing going on here…

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated … Someone must have one of these pieces working in Rhino … Is it resolved in V7 ?

Let me know if you can please and TY.



This comes up many times and it seems to be a fairly common assumption that the arms are plug n play device, which they are not.

The hardware manufacturer must specifically create a plugin that support their hardware drivers in the target application.

That means if Faro or Romer does not make a plugin that runs in Rhino or whatever application one is using, the chances of having any functionality would be 0.

To give a specific example, Faro does make a plugin that runs in Geomagic software. As far as I know, they don’t make one for Rhino.