Faro Arm plugin wont work in 64bit Rhino (FaroArm.dll)

I move this to beeing a software problem:

Can this be fixed?

Regards, HOP



We recently determined that the you need to run the 32 bit version of Rhino 5 in order to use a serial FARO arm. That’s because we only have a 32 bit version of the FARO .dll. It doesn’t load properly in x64 and that’s why you get the message.


Tim, I’m sure someone could reverse engineer a full by listening in on the serial communication.

Regards HOP


I’ve had good results with a usb to serial adapter, although not specifically using a Faro Arm. Maybe someone in support at http://www.easysync-ltd.com/ (or similar) could indicate if there’s any chance of a workable solution?

Hi Hans,
Please excuse the unsolicited post. I was drawn to your post from an old link i found in archive.org . My name is Bruce. I am a researcher who has just rediscovered the original Faro Bronze 08 Arm I used in my graduate work in the '90s. As you might imagine, there is no software. I recall the software was ‘caliper3d.exe’. I have found a Windows XP emulator for Win 10 and I feel that given my networking and CS background that I have a good chance of getting it to work again! I am working on a technique to improve burn victim mortality rates. Can I please have a copy of the software?


hi i have a old faro arm with a serial box .
im looking for caliper3d software
faro measure don’t support it

thank you so mouch