Failure to match results in Wallace

Hello @milad.showkatbakhsh
I have developed a problem with two fitness objectives.
The outputs from Wallace as selected solutions never match the recorded outputs. Logically, these two outputs should match.
I think I followed everything and there is no problem in terms of simulation.
Is this problem normal? And is there something I’m not aware of
thanks in advance

Hi Ali,

Im not sure i fully understand the process youre following in the screenshot… can you share your definition so i can have a closer look? feel free to email it to the wallacei info email if you cant share it here

Hi @mmakki_10
Thank you for your reply
Yes, of course I attached the file. This simulation should have done a simple adjustment in radiance. please comment your answer after checking.
thanks in advance (246.9 KB)

Thanks Ali,

I took a look at the file… everything seems to be ok… however you are comparing the fitness values for exported solutions with recorded values… this is not advised, as the recorded values are not an indication of the actual fitness values… you should compare the fitness values outputted by the Wallacei X component with the fitness values for the exported solutions… (if im misunderstanding the problem please let me know)

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thank you @mmakki_10 so much
I think I understand what you mean and how I should compare.
Just would it be possible to explain why you don’t recommend comparing the fitness values for the exported solutions with the recorded values (real)?

the ‘recorded’ values are not necessarily the real values… everytime wallacei creates a new solution, theres alot of changes happening in the background, think about it like this:

If your goal is to walk 10 steps, all you care about is hitting the number 10, but to do that, you have to walk step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4… until you hit step 10. Now, what you care about is the 10th step, but what you are recording is every step until you reach step 10… (i hope that makes sense).

The ‘real’ fitness values for each solution are the ones outputted by the ‘fitness values’ output in the wallacei x component. those are the ones you should focus on.

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