Multi step assessment not working in Wallacei - latest everything

Dear Community and fellow experts. This will be the first time that I am working with MOO and I am very excited.

First I would like to describe the main problem and clear up any smaller doubts. I am making a near total environmental assessment of the site and the design iteration. I am comparing wholistic energy analysis, comfort ratings, solar heat gain, thermal loads (all seasons) and a couple other goals (some study based other are geometrically based so easier to compute). I am having trouble with getting values back from the analyses, it seems that the flow of data is not parallel for all of the tasks in hand but rather in series. Also none of the charts show any sign of data collection or processing from the node’s I connected.

I will only have couple days left to run the analysis and gather results. Please any thoughts or ideas are welcomed!

1st doubt - I changed all the values that are to be maximized by 1 over the value, some people online were saying that I should use a negative value instead… thoughts on this and relevance??

2nd doubt - I flattened all goals before connecting them directly to the fitness goals, does that make sense??

3rd Doubt - should I be using loops to control the low of the analyses and then output data to Wallacei???

I am only using one gene at the moment, to rotate the floors by one whole number at a time for a possible 12 solutions, 6 floors per solution and 9 Fitness Values per solution.


To help you more I need to see your file. otherwise it is all based on speculations. But lets go over your doubts.
First doubt: it depends on the nature of the problem, We use both in different scenarios. I would suggest to start with the negative.
Second doubt: yes you need to faltten the objectives before connecting them to Wallacei
Third doubt: if you wish to use loops, you need to make sure they are in a “zombie” mode. it means to only output the final results. You can use anemone fast loop for this.

Hello Milad,

One last question regarding this. if Wallacei receives a null across one of the fitness values, the dataset does it replace all of the nulls or how does it work???

Because I can not seem to launch in parallel at least 5 or 6 different analysis that require a trigger of some kind all from ladybug tools so they do not seem to want to start @ exactly the same start time nor do they want to overlap at all.

I heard you can use rhino inside to run in python can this allow parallel launching of simulations by different cores?

What do you mean by trigger? Do you have a Boolean operation to trigger something? I need to see your file otherwise can not help more