Installing VRay on Rhino 6

I have been trying to download Vray on my Rhino 6 version , I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but it doesnt Load.

Hi, Can you get support from the place you bought Vray from ? Maybe they can walk you through it.—- Mark

Hi 18023350

I’m not sure what you mean by “V-Ray doesn’t load Load” exactly, I have certain suspicions though

  1. Verify that V-Ray installed properly. V-Ray requires certain minimal Rhino 6 SP version to install on.
  2. Verify that whether V-Ray plugin is not disabled manually from Tools->Plugins->V-Ray (checkbox on the right)
  3. Verify whether V-Ray is your current render engine by checking if “V-Ray for Rhino” in Render->Current Renderer menu

If you have further problems it might be due to firewall/antivirus issues