Faces of a solid with different materials

I’m always drawing a boat and I need closed volumes to calculate mass properties and volume; however, often a wall or bulkhead must have faces with different materials and textures; is possible to do this without pulling a face of the solid and no longer have a closed object?

I workaround this type of problem by either; extracting the border and creating a surface then offsetting it by a millimetre, so as my materials/textures show correctly or duplicating the bulkhead exploding it and then using the remaining surface as before. There are probably better ways, but this works for me.

This is something we have on the list to add to v6 Rhino for Windows and eventually this may make it’s way into Rhino for Mac but I’m not sure when or if it will happen anytime soon.

In general, there is often the need to have two versions of a model, one for rendering and one for manufacturing or prototyping. In this example the rendering version would be exploded for material assignment. You could keep everything in the same file too using separate layers.

Hi Giuseppe - a workaround is to Mesh the object and explode the mesh, adding materials (and joining, they do not need to touch) meshes from faces that have the same materials. By meshing and exploding, you can be sure the edges and vertices of the resulting exploded mesh will match up cleanly with no cracks. Hide the solid and render the mesh version.