How to edit faces of an object and apply different materials in Rhino

I am very new in AutoCad and Rhino. It is my third day of trying Rhino. I imported a drawings I made in AutoCad and I am almost ready with main geometry of a building. I tried to have all clined and organized with layers. I started to apply materials and I found out that it is not (?) possible to apply different materials for different faces as in Blender and 3DS Max. I want bricks material outside main walls and white paint material inside on the same walls. I exploded walls and it was not enough. I had to delete face inside and create two faces (1st floor and 2nd floor). Each floor has its own color of the walls.
You can see 3 different problems on the picture:

  1. Can I apply different materials on a different faces and/or maybe model it in a completely different way?
  2. Can I edit edges, faces in a similar way as in Blender, 3DS Max, etc? I used Boolean and I see new faces, edges which I do not want.
  3. How can I copy and move this beam up on the z axis?

A work-around is to mesh the object, explode the mesh and then apply materials. Exploding after having created the meshes will ensure that there are no gaps between the surfaces.

Use the MergeAllFaces command to turn these coplanar planes into one surface.

The Copy command has a Vertical option.

Thanks! It is a lot to learn and I am getting confuse when working with 3ds max, Blender and Rhino during the same day. It coul be nice to have the same way of navigation in these programs :slight_smile: