F399 concept,

Finally, the automotive section :slight_smile:

this is a concept of a midengine supercar,…Rhino5 and Vray,…


Beautiful work as always!

Have you tried Rhino 7 Subd modeling for some of your forms?

Thanks Scott,

To be honest i havent, im still stuck in the combination of Rhino5 and the VSR shape modeling plugin.
I quite like the idea of Hybrid modeling but im not too sure where it would shine in automotive design, i do however at some point am going to learn subD modeling so i have to start sooner or later.

btw, i noticed that oldie you posted in the “about” post lol, i think thats 2003 or something, man im getting old,…

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Beautiful work and render! Love it

Very nice! But im wondering if the visibility on the front sides is not hampered by the wheel arches? I think LMP (Le Mans Prototype) cars dont have this issue as it’s racing but for a street car Im wondering how that would work out…

Orrrr… you can say…

Awesome fictional concept rendering! thanks for sharing your incredible work!

thanks guys,

@xavier.bury well, this is kind of the wec for the road type of car, like the valkyrie, so yes, theres allways some compromises with these type of cars.

@theoutside no worries, i think its valid criticism

Fantastic model and renders !

i just drove 6000KMs in an Ariel atom across all road types (including mountian dirt roads) where you are sitting quite low and despite the lack of body panels (imagine the car is transparent), it is still hard to estimate turn in at the short distance (just when you see an imperfection in the road/kerb you want to avoid).

This shouldnt happen under WEC conditions (thanks for the WEC new word of the day)… But in tight ‘regular’ road conditions it can be tricky to avoid the regular road happenings. Worse is pinching the wider rear tire bending the rods on a sidewalk (yes, I managed to do that in the Spa pit area!)

It’s not the high front that is the issue but it’s long prolongation blocking the mid-view that would be the issue. Again, my humble opinion after a 6K KMs trip…

But damn, who cares really when your driving either beast how it is meant to! Impressive design, im impressed how you kept the cockpit so narrow and made such a planted silhouette while keeping gracious curves and adding the aggressive door skirts… The position of the rear wheel is funky… Not sure but there might be massive aero dynamic issues with that… But im not an expert… Would love to hear about it…

V5 … :grimacing: