Eyedropper sampling for colors

Didn’t there used to be an eyedropper for sampling colors. I want to set the color of a layer to that of another but when I click the color square of the layer all I get is the regular color pallet? If I’m imagining a color sampling eyedropper, then I’d like to make it a request for the future. Thanks

Hi Jody- the eyedropper shows up in various locations in the rendering-related UI - for instance,colors in a material can be set with an eyedropper (via context menu, RMB) - but as far as I know this has not made into other areas in the UI like layer colors.


Right clicking a layer will give you the option to ‘Match Properties’ from another layer. This will change the layer color to match. There is an eyedropper for color swatches in materials which is probably what you’re remembering. Does match properties do what you need?

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Thanks Brian and Pascal. Match properties will have to do but it would be nice to have the sampler as well.

If it’s just the layer colour you wish to match with another layer colour a good way is to highlight the layers to change and the layer to match in the layer table and click the colour box of the layer to match - that’s the colour which shows up as default in the colour picker so one click and they all match.

In the image, click on layer 01 colour to match all.

The eyedropper idea is a really good one - an extra button placed in the colour picker would be a nice additional option